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The inception of the Club can be traced back to February 1989 when four business buddies, Dato Albert Ong, Chow Hin Wai, Allen Mak and AK Woo mooted the idea of forming a club to promote networking amongst businessmen during an informal lunch meeting.

The circle of the luncheon participants grew to 60 by the end of the year.  It was then decided the club should have a fixed venue for its monthly meeting and the Banker Club was selected.  Prominent speakers for a wide range of subjects were invited to address members and evolved to become a standard feature of the monthly meetings.  Along the way, other activities like tours, golf tournament, annual dinner and dance were introduced and turned into traditional activities of the Club.

On May 20, 1991, the club was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies as “The Businessmen Social Club Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya”.    The Club’s name changed to the “Business Networking Club Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya” on 5 April 1994 to reflect increasing lady membership.

Today, the club is more commonly known as “The Business Networking Club” or affectionately called “BNC” by its members.  Membership continuous to grow as the Club is keeping a higher profile as it progresses from its foundation years.


The club is run by an elected committee headed by the President. He has, in his team a Vice President, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer and six other management committee members, each holding a specific portfolio of responsibilities to ensure that the club’s programmes are carried out and the objectives achieved. The committee is supported by a full-time Secretariat which is housed at the club’s own premises in Petaling Jaya.


  • Business Networking Dinner – Members gather once a month, on the last Wednesday of the month, for a networking dinner which includes a talk by a prominent guest speaker on topics related to business, management, health or current issues useful to the members;
  • BNC- CEO forum caters to members who are CEOs of their organizations to share and solve problems and concerns faced while carrying out their duties;
  • Welcoming and meeting with foreign trade delegations visiting Malaysia; 
  • Holding regular social and recreational activities to enhance fellowship ties between members; 
  • Conducting seminars to update and upgrade management techniques and skills of members and their staff;
  • Organizing trade delegations and educational visit; 
  • Initiating dialogues with relevant authorities and other trade organizations on business issues affecting the various industries that our members come from; and
  • Any other activities in line with the objectives of the Club.

Uphold BNC as a Prestigious Business Networking Club for Business Owners and Professionals to meet, market and discuss business-to-business opportunities.


Grow BNC into an all-inclusive Business Networking Club comprising members from different business sectors and professions.


  • Provide a platform for its members to network for business 
  • Provide opportunities for members to exchange ideas and business experiences 
  • Create and promote programmes for its members to increase knowledge through seminars, talks and meetings 
  • Create and foster better fellowship amongst members through family outings, sports and social programmes 
  • Provide a platform to desseminate useful information or materials.  For example, through our bulletin, the Biz News 
  • Create an environment for members to acquire and polish interpersonal, organizational, and speaking skills 
  • Participate in and donate to charitable and community services projects
  • Contribute towards national economic growth via the growth of members's businesses